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Crush cravings, overeating and belly fat

Discover your unique path to lasting weight loss

Inside this FREE Guide, you will discover:

✅  Why it's NOT your fault if you struggle to eat healthily. (It has nothing to do with lack of willpower!)

✅ Foods that can reduce cravings for sugar and chocolate.

✅ How to stop reaching for foods that keep you locked into the cravings cycle so it becomes so much easier to eat healthily and lose weight.

How is your body blocking your weight loss? 

Is this YOU?

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I can’t resist the cravings

The cravings are kicking in - it’s taking superhuman willpower to resist! What can you do? Let me guide you with strategies that help in that moment. There is no quick fix solution. But it does get easier and you can diminish and ultimately eliminate cravings.

I overeat

You know you overeat, but find it hard to cut back. That extra helping is too tempting and how can you say no to the gooey dessert. Your body has an inbuilt  mechanism to keep your body weight constant - discover what disrupts this and how to align your appetite with your needs.

I can’t shift my belly fat

No matter what you try that belly fat doesn’t shift. You’re concerned as you know abdominal fat increases your health risk. There’s a reason why you store fat here - it’s your body’s way of protecting you. I’ll show you how to let your body know it can let go of this weight.

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I hate feeling hungry

Dieting sucks! You feel famished and it’s an awful feeling! Not everyone experiences hunger in the same way. Discover how to make it less intense and unpleasant. You can lose weight without being derailed by hunger.

I always regain the weight I lose

You’ve lost weight. Fantastic! But slowly those pounds creep on again. Suddenly you’re back where you started. You’ve even gained a pound or five! It’s demoralising after all that hard work. Let me help you find a way of eating that works for you long term, that keeps the weight off.

“Discovering my body was causing my cravings has taken away the shame of my overeating”

Stop dieting and lose weight for good

Free yourself of your struggle with food

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Outside Dinner
Eating a Meal

Diets don’t work!

Most people regain a third to two-thirds of the weight they lost within a year and almost all within five years. More shockingly, at least a third of dieters end up heavier than when they started.

Work with your body, not against it

It’s time to stop dieting and find a healthy and sustainable way of eating that works for YOU; that changes the internal messages in your body, so it lets go of excess weight. It’s time to stop fighting against your body and work with it instead.

You are unique

  • Discover the root causes behind your weight

  • Discover what you need to lose weight and sustain it

  • Find a way of eating that works for you long term, that makes it easier to lose weight and keep the weight off

  • Improve your health and vitality

When you bring your body into balance it stops blocking your weight loss

Discover what's triggering your cravings, overeating and belly fat

Then address the root cause to lose weight for good

1. Discover what's triggering your cravings, overeating and belly fat


To crush your cravings, overeating or belly fat, first you need to discover what’s triggering them. You and a friend may both have cravings, but what’s triggering them may be different. Similarly with overeating or belly fat - the root causes may not be the same. LEARN MORE

2. Reduce your cravings and create your unique path to lasting weight loss, so that you increase your energy and always look and feel your best


Want to find a way of eating that brings your body into balance, reducing or even eliminating your cravings, your desire to overeat, your belly fat. That you enjoy and that works for you long term. That is tailored to your dietary requirements and preferences? LEARN MORE

So the positive change the programme has brought to me is brilliant. I have dropped a clothes size and am continuing to see a steady change in my body mass.

I was non cook, ready meal in my approach to food before starting Dawn's course. I can honestly say in the past two weeks since finishing the course I haven't eaten one ready meal. So the positive change the programme has brought to me is brilliant. I have dropped a clothes size and am continuing to see a steady change in my body mass. What Dawn has helped me to establish as a new routine is proving to be sustainable and enjoyable.

Course participant

Grab your guide: 5 Tips To Master Your Cravings To Stop Them Sabotaging Your Wellness Goals

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