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5 keys to lasting weight loss

Updated: May 27, 2022

I was recently asked for five words that describe the core of my approach. As I wrote them down, I realised that they are also the keys to lasting weight loss.

1. Unique

You are unique, with your own unique triggers behind your cravings, overeating and excess fat storage. So you have different areas to target from someone else if you want to address the root causes behind your weight.

2. Sustainable

To keep the weight off long term, you need to find a healthy way of eating that is tailored to YOUR dietary preferences and requirements; that you enjoy. Otherwise, it is going to be hard to sustain.

3. Empowered

Be empowered to make healthy food choices. Whilst my approach reduces and eliminates cravings and the drive to overeat, this doesn’t happen overnight. In the meantime have simple strategies in place for when the cravings kick in. Strategies that help you break the cycle of cravings then eating in a way that triggers yet more cravings.

4. Freedom

Free yourself from cravings or preoccupation with food and/or your weight. Enjoy and develop a healthy relationship with food.

5. Vitality

By addressing the imbalances that are triggering your cravings and excess fat storage, you also improve hormonal balance, boost your nutrient status and revitalise your health and energy. This in turn makes it so much easier to eat healthily.

When you change your relationship with food, when you nourish your body and bring it into balance, you feel vibrant and full of energy! It's easer to connect to the joy in life! Anything becomes possible. How would this change your life? What will you do?

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