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Five ways a ‘wealth’ mindset helps you to lose weight

In the mornings I like to rebound while watching the news.

The other day, after the news finished, a video came up from Little Bit Better. They summarise self development books, whilst drawing images to illustrate the key points.

I’d not come across them before, but it was so good, I rebounded for longer than I’d intended - so had to shower and get dressed in super-fast time! 😀

Youtube video summarising Harv T Eker's Book 'Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind by @littlebitbetter7

The video summarised a book by Harv Eker, where he looked at seventeen things poor people do that the rich don’t.

As I watched it, it occurred to me that the many of these differences also apply to people who successfully lose weight versus those that don’t.

Let’s take a look at some of these differences.

The blue text is Harv Eker’s words taken from the video or his blog.

1. Rich people see opportunities and focus on rewards. Poor people see obstacles and focus on the risks.

Rich people see potential growth, take responsibility for the results in their lives, and act upon the mindset that “it will work because I’ll make it work.” Rich people are committed enough to do whatever it takes. Period. It comes down to this: If not you, then who?

What is your attitude when it comes to losing weight.

Do you let setbacks throw you off track and give up?

Do you just see the obstacles?

Or tell yourself that you’ve failed; that you can’t do it?

Do you blame other people or situations when your eating doesn’t go as planned?

Or do you take full responsibility for your eating and know that blaming others keeps you stuck, unable to take control of your health and weight?

When setbacks occur, do you commit to finding a way to make it work?

To carrying on and committing to yourself and your goals?

2. Rich mindset people are solution-oriented.

The difference between rich vs poor mindsets comes when people are faced with a problem. Rich people spend their time and energy strategizing and planning the answers to challenges that come up and creating systems to make certain that those problems don’t occur again.

What happens when your weight loss doesn’t go as planned?

Do you keep doing the same old thing even though you know it doesn’t work?

Do you give up and feel it just doesn’t work for you?

Or do you look at what happened and create a strategy to do it differently next time?

If you don’t know how to create a strategy for this situation, do you find an expert who can help you?

3. Rich people have their money work hard for them. Poor people work hard for their money.

Rich people have their money deliver for them.

If we swap ‘money’ for body then ‘rich’ is when your body is in balance, so it delivers energy, health and vitality for you.

Poor people - or those whose bodies are not in balance, have to work hard (i.e. rely on willpower) to eat healthily.

4. Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.

If you have a wealth mindset, you know your life is not just about you. It’s also about contributing to others. It’s about living true to your mission and reason for being here on this earth at this time. It’s about adding your piece of the puzzle to the world.

Is being a healthy weight something you want; something that would be nice to have?

Or are you deeply committed to your health and well-being? When you bring your body back into balance you don’t just set up the conditions for lasting weight loss, you get rid of the symptoms associated with those imbalances - from hormonal problems to gut problems and aches and pains. And you improve your energy and vitality.

But you are not just doing it for you.

When you change yourself, those changes ripple out to your family and friends and into the wider world.

And how much easier is it to ‘live true to your mission’ when you have the energy and vitality to see it through?

5. Rich people associate with positive successful people. Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

Study the people who have had the success you want.

Model what people who have lost weight and keep it off do!

The women I work with follow this 3 step framework to lose weight and keep it off.

Discover - Discover what's triggering your cravings, overeating and excess fat storage, so you know exactly what to target and don't need to keep trying the next diet, hoping that this time it will work.

Target - Target the root causes behind your weight using food and lifestyle, so you create a sustainable way of eating that works for you and you never need to diet again

Strategy - Your cravings don't go overnight - in the meantime have a strategy for when the cravings kick in, so you don't reach for food that triggers future cravings or keeps you locked into fat-storage mode.

Do you want to rebalance your body to get rid of craving, stop giving your body the message to store fat and make it so much easier to lose weight and keep it off? Book a call to explore working together:

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