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Five ways to liven up your salads!

Do you think of salads as boring? If so, it’s time for a salad makeover. Here are five simple tips to make them interesting and delicious, as well as healthy:

  1. Make it colourful - Use a variety of salad leaves, vegetables and colourful fruit such as pomegranate or blueberries

  2. Make it zing - Add finely chopped spring onion, peppery rocket leaves or herbs and spices such as mint, basil or coriander

  3. Add crunch and flavour - Top with toasted nuts or seeds

  4. Dress with a little olive oil with lemon or lime juice or cider vinegar. You could also add garlic, ginger, mustard or spices

  5. Add protein to balance your blood sugar levels and help you feel full for longer. Marinate fish, chicken or tofu for extra flavour

Be careful of shop bought salad dressings. They are often high in saturated fats, sugar and calories and are not going to help your health or your weight.
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