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5 Steps to balance your blood sugar to stop giving your body the message to store fat

And reduce cravings!

1) Chose unrefined carbs and reduce refined white carbs and sugar. Your body breaks down carbs into sugars. Unrefined carbs such as oats, brown rice and wholegrain bread contain fibre which slows down the release of their sugars, so they have less impact on your blood sugar levels.

2) Have some protein with each meal and snack. Combining protein with carbohydrates slows the sugar release.

3) Eat little and often (3 small meals plus a small snack mid-morning and another mid-afternoon) to prevent your blood sugar dropping too low.

4) Reduce caffeine in chocolate, tea and colas, as this pushes your blood sugar up quickly.

5) Include healthy fats in nuts and seeds, olive oil, avocado and oily fish as they improve insulin sensitivity which helps balance your blood sugar levels.

There are a number of imbalances in your body that can trigger cravings, overeating, excess fat storage and belly fat. Learn more and discover which imbalances YOU have in YOUR body.

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